Print On Demand

Print On Demand

What is Print on demand (or POD)?
Traditionally, if an author wanted to publish a paperback, an investment of tens of thousands of pounds would be required to cover typesetting, production, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and distribution of an initial print run.

TNWI Book Publishing & Rights Agency can now offer a more cost-effective method of seeing your book in print, a service called print on demand. This effectively means that your book is listed with retailers (and available to purchase) just like a traditional paperback, and each copy is manufactured to order, meaning you do not have to pay the traditional costs. We can provide this service on installment payment plans depending on which of the publishing package you choose, from A-D:

The best thing about a paid POD version of your book is that you take full control of the royalty - all the income from print sales without splitting it with a second party. In this case we only print your book version!
What are the benefits for having your book published with us as print on demand?

1. Installment payment plans available to suite your financial challenge.
2. For any of the publishing package you choose from A-D, there will be FREE additional more copies (from 15 - 100 copies printed) at NO COST to you.
3. We compliment your POD book version with its e-book version FREE.
4. We design an immediate world-class, professional author’s website.
5. We supply the ISBN needed for your POD and e-book at NO COST.
6. Your paperback and hardback book cover and dust jacket are created and printed FREE OF CHARGE and more.
7. Exceptional customer service
8. You get a professional press release

If you are interested in print on demand, please contact us through this email: