TNWI Book Publishing & Rights Agency is an international book publishing company with a global reach founded by M.S. Joel, Winner of Academic Scholarship Award, 2003, to help previously unpublished and established authors gain wilder audience for their work. We have been publishing high quality books from eBook, Print On Demand (POD) and Audio book from both new and previously published, exciting authors for more than 2 years.

Using the latest technology marketing, our multiple satellites with a combination of traditional publishing methods, we help sell your title in over 200+ countries in all platforms and outlets to the ebook market worldwide to ensure maximum global coverage for your book and thus, make the most of your book.
This is possible through our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staffs who, from design to editorial, production to marketing, and couple with our efficient distribution network on a global scale give every title the necessary attention and expertise needed for your book to stand the best possible chance in the marketplace.

Of course, whether as ebook, POD or audio book, we focus on a variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, children’s, education, poetry, inspirational and religion and so on. And we work with all authors from around the globe and this diversity is reflected in the variety of titles on our lists.

At our publishing company, we offer 3 types of publishing models (i.e. contracts).
1. Our Unique eBook Publishing and Distribution Model
2. Our Guaranteed Print On Demand (POD) Version
3. Audio Book

What Are the Benefits for Publishing with us?
1. We pay our authors and their duly representatives an actual 50% monthly royalty payment of all the actual net income from the sales of the content(s) as book.

2. We supply the ISBN needed for your digital and print on demand (POD) book version at NO COST.

3. Your ebook, paperback and hardback book cover and dust jacket are created FREE OF CHARGE.

4. You get a world-class professional author website.

5. With our technology marketing and publishing relations, we make a press text available for journalists and issue a press release of your book to over 116 new media.
6. Your book is automatically promoted on multiple satellites that make it easier for readers to discover and sample book of interests.

7. We translate your book into 9 major languages around the world like French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Norwegian and Catalian.
Tell us, what publishing company offer better deal than ours?

Furthermore, choosing any of our print on demand packages, we will compliment the printed copy with its ebook(s) - and WITHOUT ANY COST TO YOU - in order to ensure maximum sales both domestically and just as importantly to develop international sales. 

For more information about our print on demand (POD) package with its special benefits, click on the icons on our home page at the top.

So won’t you give us the chance to help you get your fine work published and sold? If you would like to submit your work to us, please read our submission guidelines before doing so.